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Cash Flow Management


Boost your cash flow now!

Timing cash flows to meet your needs today and tomorrow!

Tired of seeing overdue accounts being written off? Do you hate not having the cash you need at your fingertips? Simply put, cash is the primary essence of any business. Without it, you won't survive. With a little help in managing your cash, you will see immediate improvements in both the profitability and efficiency of your business.

At Feil & Co.*, we can assist in:

  • Determining your cash requirements.
  • Performing break even analysis.
  • Reviewing terms and conditions of your accounts receivable including collections and customer support.
  • Managing and analyzing your accounts payable, including establishing guidelines and procedures.
  • Providing professional advice on alternative approaches to solving cash flow problems.
  • Budgeting and forecasting your cash requirements.


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* Denotes operating name of the professional corporation Leslie Feil, C.G.A., Ltd.
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